for the learning of mathematics

an international journal of mathematics education

Sean Chorney - Vol. 43 Num. 0 (2023)
 Song about two good people: letters to David


During the spring term of 1996 at Simon Fraser University, David Wheeler, the founding editor of FLM, was my instructor for a master’s course in the secondary mathematics education program. During this course, we submitted weekly reflections of our general views regarding mathematics education. Wheeler wrote a significant amount of feedback in response to my texts. Just a few months before I met David Wheeler, he passed the editorship to David Pimm. Now, twenty-four years later, as a former student of David Wheeler and current colleague of David Pimm, I reflect on the feedback of David Wheeler and offer my respect to David. This article, an homage to David Wheeler, is written in the form of letters in response to four excerpts of Wheeler’s feedback (presented in Wheeler’s own handwritten script), which have been very much guided by Pimm’s insight over the past five years.